Metagenome assembly and characterization of a pooled human fecal reference

Collectively, microorganisms represent one of the greatest biological forces on our planet — one that is both omnipotent and still largely unknown. To understand the multiplicity of influences that microbial communities have on everything from ecosystem function to human health, more sophisticated analytical tools are paramount.

In this webinar, leading scientists from PacBio and Zymo Research present state-of-the art HiFi metagenomic sequencing solutions that will enable microbiome researchers to make important discoveries that are not only high-impact but more precise, reproducible, and resource-efficient than ever. 

Topics covered include:

  • The importance of high accuracy and long read length for making microbial genomics discoveries that stand out.
  • The latest PacBio innovations, including Revio data, that have the potential to revolutionize quality, capacity, and cost-effectiveness in microbial community profiling and MAG assembly.
  • Exciting new capabilities developed by Zymo Research tailored specifically for the HiFi microbiome and metagenomics community.

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Daniel Portik, PhD
Staff Bioinformatics Scientist, PacBio
MAG assembly and characterization of a pooled human fecal reference using HiFi sequencing
Annabelle Damerum, PhD
Scientist, Zymo Research
Optimizing sample preparation for metagenomic assembly using long-read sequencing
Jeremy Wilkinson, PhD
Segment Lead, Microbiome/Metagenomics, PacBio
Host and moderator

Democratizing Genome Assembly and Annotation

Ted Kalbfleisch, Ph.D., Associate Professor, University of Kentucky

Molecular Genetic Applications Enabled by Platinum Quality Reference Genome Assemblies in Octoploid Strawberry

Mitchell Feldmann, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California, Davis.