Welcome to the accuracy era: Introducing Onso

The broad adoption of next-generation sequencing technologies (NGS) has been driven by technological advances, resulting in increased throughput and lowered costs, akin to Moore's Law in the semiconductor industry. However, a significant sequencing metric, accuracy, has made little progress over the years, hindering efforts to adopt important applications such as liquid biopsy, which require detection of low variant allele frequency events.

Watch the inaugural Onso webinar, where Young Kim, PacBio senior staff product manager, shares how the Onso system, a benchtop short-read system, can provide exceptional accuracy to propel the next phase of discoveries in applications traditionally underserved by existing on-market NGS platforms.

Key Features of the Onso system:

  • 15x higher accuracy than other benchtop sequencers
  • Exceptional sensitivity for rare variants
  • Q40+ performance provides high quality results at lower read depth than SBS
  • Seamless workflow integration

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Young Kim, MBA
Senior Staff Product Manager
Zuwei Qian, PhD
Director of Marketing, APAC
Host & moderator

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