Shining a Light on Dark Genes in Population Sequencing

Large, diverse datasets are critical to ensuring that the promise of genomics can be realized by more people in more places around the world than ever before. Whether research is focused on discovering novel variants, determining frequencies, or empowering precision health for the greater good, having the most comprehensive and accurate sequencing technology is vitally important.

HiFi long-read sequencing allows scientists to study populations in incredible detail to drive discovery and democratize findings for maximum global impact—far into the future.

Watch the recording of this webinar where Fritz Sedlazeck, PhD from Baylor College of Medicine and Kiran Garimella, PhD from the Broad Institute and All of Us program explain how HiFi long-read sequencing is energizing the potential of population genomics by enabling scientists to:

  • Catalogue all genetic variation, reflecting a population’s true diversity.
  • Maximize discovery potential to enable the most accurate insights possible.

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Fritz Sedlazeck, PhD
Associate Professor, Baylor College of Medicine
Sequencing dark genes with HiFi reads
Kiran Garimella, PhD
Director, Computational Biology, Data Sciences Platform, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
Population sequencing with low coverage HiFi for All of Us
Geoff Henno
Associate Director, Precision Health, PacBio
Host and moderator

Democratizing Genome Assembly and Annotation

Ted Kalbfleisch, Ph.D., Associate Professor, University of Kentucky

Molecular Genetic Applications Enabled by Platinum Quality Reference Genome Assemblies in Octoploid Strawberry

Mitchell Feldmann, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California, Davis.