A pangenome reference of Chinese populations 

Human genomics is witnessing an ongoing paradigm shift from a single reference sequence to a pangenome form, yet populations of Asian ancestry remain underrepresented. In Dr. Shuhua Xu's latest Nature article 'A Pangenome Reference of 36 Chinese Populations', the Chinese Pangenome Consortium (CPC) attempted to uncover missing sequences and previously unidentified hidden variations within Chinese ethnic groups. CPC also aimed to establish a high-quality genome reference for comprehensive profiling gene diversity in Chinese as well as other Asian populations.

Join Dr. Shuhua Xu, a professor of human population genetics and the Principal Investigator of the Population Omics Group at Fudan University, as he introduces his team's new findings in their latest Nature article.

Watch the recording to hear Dr. Shuhua Xu discuss:

  • How do the latest results compare to what was previously known about the genetics of Chinese populations?
  • What potential implications does the study hold for our understanding of population relationships, disease susceptibility, and trait heritability?

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Dr. Shuhua Xu, PhD
Professor of human population genetics &
Principal Investigator of Population Omics Group
Fudan University

Zuwei Qian, PhD
Director of Marketing, APAC
Host & moderator