Bioinformatics Resources to Analyze PacBio HiFi Human Genomes

Our webinar, Bioinformatics resources to analyze PacBio HiFi human genomes, is intricately designed for researchers and professionals who are deeply involved in the exploration and analysis of human whole genome sequencing through the lens of advanced bioinformatics.

Discover how HiFi human genome sequencing, paired with cutting-edge bioinformatics, is reshaping our understanding of human biology and diseases. We delve into a comprehensive bioinformatics pipeline, addressing a vast range of variant types. From standard single-nucleotide variants and indels to the more complex structural variants and tandem repeats - HiFi sequencing, in conjunction with sophisticated bioinformatics, provides profound insights and clarity.

Watch the recording to learn about:

  • Advanced bioinformatics solutions: Immerse yourself in an array of bioinformatics tools expertly designed to identify CNVs, structural variants, tandem repeats, and methylation patterns. 
  • HiFi sequencing insights: Explore how HiFi sequencing with advanced bioinformatics tools unlocks new dimensions in the human genome beyond the scope of small variants, paving the way for breakthroughs in genomic research. 
  • Seamless tool integration: Gain expertise in integrating these powerful bioinformatics tools into a cohesive, user-friendly pipeline, adaptable to your specific research environment.

The emphasis on bioinformatics makes this session particularly critical for those in academic or translational research sectors. The insights and skills gained here are set to be instrumental in propelling your understanding and application of human genome sequencing.

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Yinan Wan

Sr. Product Manager, Application and Partner Software, PacBio

Billy Rowell

Senior Staff Scientist, Bioinformatics, PacBio

Geoff Henno
Associate Director, Precision Health, PacBio
Host and moderator