Get your own Revio system for ~50% off list price.

It’s now easier than ever to detect structural variants, repeat expansions, and methylation patterns with extraordinary accuracy and high throughput.

The PacBio Revio system delivers HiFi long-read sequencing at scale adding accuracy, low cost, and ease of use to the other benefits of long reads.

Own a Revio for just $395k up front plus a 384‑SMRT Cell commitment at $1,400/each.
(Note: US pricing).*

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*384 SMRT Cells commitment specified above consists of 16 units of Revio reagent kits, 24-pack (part number 102-817-900) include a total of 96 Revio SMRT Cell trays, 96 sequencing plates, and 16 polymerase kits. Prices and availability may differ by region, and may be higher in regions - like much of Asia - served by PacBio channel partners. Promotion valid until June 28, 2024. Your quote will reflect terms and exact pricing. Terms and conditions apply.

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