More samples, lower costs, less time: New PacBio HiFi prep kits + Microbial WGS and anti-microbial resistance

New, high-throughput library preparation solutions from PacBio, combined with highly accurate long-read sequencing, are enabling researchers to achieve deeper genomic insights more efficiently than ever before. In this webinar, our speakers will present a comprehensive overview of scalable, automated, and high-performing library prep, sequencing, and analysis — all at much lower costs and time than previous methods.

Learn how the HiFi plex prep kit 96 allows users to sequence small genomes at similar costs to short-read prep workflows, all while making high-quality sequencing more accessible by eliminating common bottlenecks related to cost, time, and labor.

Microbial, metagenome, and low-pass whole genome sequencing (WGS) researchers will discover how these new offerings can unlock large projects with the ability to multiplex up to 384 libraries per SMRT Cell and 1,536 libraries per Revio run. Attendees will also get to hear a case study utilizing the HiFi plex prep kit 96 for microbial WGS assembly and anti-microbial resistance (AMR) detection, including a comparison to short-read WGS results on the same microbial samples.

Why watch?

  • Obtain a thorough understanding of the new HiFi plex prep kits and what applications they can be utilized for.
  • Learn the capabilities of HiFi microbial WGS in scientific research projects.
  • See bioinformatic analysis of HiFi microbial WGS on the Palmona Pathogenomics Platform.
  • Understand the importance of both high accuracy and long reads for microbial genomics and antimicrobial resistance.

Don’t forget to stick around and have your questions answered during the live Q&A session at the end of the event!

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Gregory Young

Senior Product Manager, WGS, PacBio

Jonathan Monk, PhD

Cofounder, Head of Bioinformatics and Analytics, Palmona Pathogenomics

Jeremy Wilkinson, PhD

Senior Staff Specialist, Microbial Genomics, PacBio
host & moderator