Watch our webinar, Transcript detection and quantification using Kinnex full-length RNA sequencing data, where we evaluate the prowess of long-read RNA sequencing (lrRNA-Seq) in the realm of isoform discovery, quantification, and differential expression analysis. As the RNA research field advances, we spotlight the Kinnex full-length RNA data's potential in overcoming traditional lrRNA-Seq challenges.

Learn how David Wissel from ETH Zurich uses MAS-Seq technology, integral to Kinnex kits, to enhance throughput for lrRNA-Seq, facilitating more comprehensive transcript quantification. The analysis contrasts Kinnex data with short-read RNA-Seq using spike-in RNA variant control mixes and assesses its efficacy in differential transcript expression and usage. Additionally, we introduce an accessible Snakemake workflow, tailoring bioinformatics processes for efficient isoform analysis in multi-sample studies. Uncover the bioinformatics frontier in RNA sequencing research.

Why watch?

  • Explore isoform significance: Discover the pivotal role of isoforms, not just genes, in understanding biology and disease.
  • Learn advanced RNA sequencing techniques: Grasp how full-length RNA sequencing with PacBio HiFi, integrated with bioinformatics analysis, provides extraordinary isoform information that other technologies may not match.
  • Get a first look at Kinnex data: Gain insights into Kinnex full-length RNA data for cost-effective, high-quality RNA sequencing.
  • Master Kinnex data analysis: Enhance your skills in isoform discovery, quantification, and differential expression by learning to analyze Kinnex full-length RNA data using SMRT Link and community bioinformatics tools.

This webinar is designed to assure potential users of the high quality and ease of analyzing Kinnex data, addressing common bioinformatics and analysis challenges in RNA research. It's an essential session for researchers keen on pushing the boundaries of RNA sequencing and bioinformatics.

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David Wissel

PhD candidate, ETH Zurich

Elizabeth Tseng, PhD

Associate Director, Product Marketing, PacBio

Geoff Henno
Associate Director, Precision Health, PacBio
Host and moderator