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Introducing PacBio PRISM 2024, where the brightest minds come together to learn, collaborate, and uncover new techniques to solve profound scientific mysteries. This vibrant event is designed to cast a full spectrum of light on the boundless possibilities in genomics, and you're invited.

Step into the future as we explore the sequencing tools of tomorrow. Witness how Revio long-read sequencing can amplify throughput in your labs and hear about the newest capabilities of Onso short-read sequencing in applications like liquid biopsy research.

PacBio PRISM 2024 is your global portal to eye-opening discussions guided by luminaries in genomics. It’s a new gateway to immersive workshops, a place to hear presentations that will share stories about groundbreaking projects, and an opportunity to network with colleagues so that you can connect the dots between data and insights.

Secure your spot today by registering, and embrace the brilliance of biology as it takes on a diverse palette of discovery at PacBio PRISM 2024.

The future starts now.

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